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Mental health
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mental health

mental health

“We live in modern times full of stress” is a phrase which became common among people and which we often hear as a sign of acceptance of the situation. Furthermore, individuals under the pressure of life often fail to recognize the importance of mental health and do not fight for it, or more specifically, they do not grant it the importance it deserves. However, there is a tendency worldwide to equalize the relevance of mental and physical health.

In addition, a person who feels mentally bad cannot feel physically good, and vice versa. Psychological and physical health represent an inseparable continuum. Both components should be of equal importance in order to feel balanced.

What does WHO say about mental health?

According to the World Health Organization, mental health is “a subjective feeling of well-being, a feeling that a person is efficient, that it has his/her own autonomy and integrity, and that it is able to self affirm him or herself through intellectual and emotional potentials, etc.” When looked at in more detail, “to feel good” arises from human understanding and acceptance of their abilities, successful coping with normal, inevitable stresses of life, as well as feeling of productiveness and ability to provide a contribution to the society.

The field of global mental health is very broad. It covers areas of scientific research and practice that improve the mental health and equalize the level of mental health care provided to people worldwide. Currently, thousands of experts work in the field, from psychiatrists to psychologists and other therapists and counselors, to life coaches, to medical staff.

“Mental hygiene”, a term coined by William Sweetser, in the 19th century, is often used nowadays. The word “hygiene” itself indicates that, in addition to taking care of physical hygiene, one should worry about his/her mind and spirit as well, and never neglect them.

Why is being healthy mentally extremely important in today’s way of living?

The pressure brought to us by the modern era is enormous. We are always in a hurry, limited by deadlines, plans, jobs… And, as you probably already know and feel, every day is a war with stress. Therefore, we suffer mentally. Also, this affects our emotional, psychological, social and physical stability and brings us into a state of imbalance. In addition, mental imbalance prevents people to live a full and creative life and to confront inevitable situations with sufficient flexibility. Based on this, we can see that being unhealthy mentally isn’t merely the absence of any major disorder, but rather the overall feeling that the person feels mentally well.

The holistic approach to mental health includes such aspects as anthropological, educational, religious, and social perspectives of an individual. A wellness model developed by Myers, Sweeney, and Witmer includes 5 major and even 20 additional spheres of an individual’s mental health. Some of them are:

  • A sense of spirituality
  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Work and leisure
  • Sense of values
  • Personal beliefs and emotional openness
  • Coping with problems
  • Creativity
  • Sense of humor
  • Nutrition and self-care
  • Sexual and cultural identity
  • Stress management

Mental health care covers many fields of work. Therefore, we should take mental health seriously.

To deal with oneself every day is imperative. And, when difficult situations occur in our lives, so is consulting experts, clinics and counseling facilities. Therefore, it’s important to know that they can help us maintain our balance and not lose step with our lives.

The importance of connections and modern technology in medicine and health care
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modern technology in medicine

modern technology in medicine

It`s noticeable more than ever how modern technology makes a huge impact on medicine, as well as on other spheres of life. That impact shouldn’t be neglected. It is obvious, and it is getting more and more space. Furthermore, the internet makes patients and clients search for help online, and makes medical colleagues connect in ways they were not able before.

In the next decade, everything will be different, from disease management to consultations. Patients tend to move everything in online space, where they feel comfortable. Sometimes is hard to adopt an innovation and harmonize it with your established routine.

How to take advantage of modern technology in medicine?

We decided to create space for people who work in fields of medicine, health care and psychotherapy where you can use modern technology to connect with your colleagues, patients, or even get new clients, and jobs. You can, also, perform online consultations. And it`s all free.

Creating a community of people where everyone feels welcome is our goal and our mission. We offer you space and features to use it in your practice or in your free time.

Get in touch with your colleagues, start or join professional discussions. Also, get to know about new trends in medicine or new achievements. Furthermore, you can promote yourself and get new clients.

We are new, but we are growing, and our growth offers you more and more opportunities for connections and higher visibility.
Get to know us, make a registration, and tell your colleagues about it.