Coronavirus crisis – how to cope with fear during the quarantine

What is happening?

Coronavirus crisis? What does it mean?
Empty streets, with rows in the stores. Fear in the eyes of the people. All media talk about only one thing. We panic from site to site. We wonder if this will happen to us or someone close to us. Will it ever pass, and will the world ever be the same? Will we ever enjoy our little joys and the power to relax again?

No, we have never been quite unworried, but many of our worries of yesterday seem to us so far away, unreal and, at this point, insignificant.

How it all started?

Everything that was quite normal the other day and usually is now a distant dream in the haze of memory. Taking kids to a sports club, crowded school halls full of laughter, family dinner at a favorite restaurant, drink with a friend in our favorite bar, shopping centers, airports, travels, beautiful destinations, the whole world.

That wonderful big world has shrunk for each of us. Now we all share the same trouble, suffer, and experience the same fear.

Coronavirus outbreak

Until a few days ago, or a few weeks ago, that great fear did not exist, for most of us, the Coronavirus crisis was just news from faraway China. But day by day, this danger, this disease, was approaching more and more, reaching our homes and entering our lives.

With lightning speed, everything changed.

Many of us are sitting in our homes, drenched in fear, and cloudy thoughts.

What can we do to ward off and overcome fear?

How would we overcome all this and get out of all this normal?
How on earth would it be when that day came again?

Although the current concern is always the greatest, we should remember that humanity has survived the plague and many diseases. That all outbreaks and pandemics of infectious diseases have extinguished after reaching the peak. That no virus ever succeeded in destroying humanity.
And today, we certainly have far more knowledge and far better treatment possibilities than ever before. Although each country is fighting its own battle, the world is united, and everyone has one desire and goal, which goes beyond anything else – To defeat Covid 19.
It is the first time in our recent past that we have not heard a single word about war, ethnic or religious conflict or words of hate and intolerance. For the first time, there’s a feeling that the world is united because it has something more substantial than any conflict. We all sympathize with the most vulnerable and wish them to endure.
And the united world must win.

The fear is normal

The fear that most of us feel is a perfectly normal reaction to danger.

It also helps us to protect ourselves more and to reduce the danger. The feeling that we are doing everything in our power to protect ourselves and others is already soothing in itself. Fear mustn’t escalate into a panic, which in addition to being unbearable, blocks rational thinking, and makes us take inappropriate and often dangerous moves.

Stick to official sources when it comes to your health

It is essential to be well informed and to follow the news multiple times a day.
Try to stick to official sources as much as possible, because it is the voice of the experts. And they will give you all the best information about the Coronavirus crisis.

Try not to let the spread of the disease and the scary numbers completely control your life, however. Situations like this one inevitably cause even greater fear and depression and diminish our ability to cope with problems.

Preserve at least some oasis of that good old life. Families are most likely to be together when it comes to events like these. If that’s the case with you, use this time smartly. Give each other love and attention. Organize in your home something pleasant. Watch some nice movie together. Read a story.

Feeling lonely or anxious during coronavirus isolation?

Many people are, however, lonely, and some are completely alone, and that’s undoubtedly the hardest.
In such difficult circumstances, fear is not easy to overcome; if you suppress it, it quickly turns into a real depression.

Now that the possibilities of physically connecting with other people in a similar situation are extremely limited, sites such as Feel-Better, provide a useful and safe opportunity for a person not to be alone.

online community

That sense of community, understanding, and support that you can receive and provide to others can help you a lot to overcome this crisis that has so shaken the whole world. It may also bring you some new, long-lasting friendships.

It will pass

This struggle will pass. And most of us will be there that morning when we wake up with less worry.
And life will return to its normal course. Even tho it now seems so far away.

Don’t lose hope. The hope will help us withstand, and it will save us.

I imagine that morning as sunny, though even if it is rainy, we will embrace it with our whole hearts. We will conquer this disease, and there will be a better, smarter, and much more united world after it.


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