Facts About Brain and Meditation
Oct 3, 2019 @ 14:42

You will be surprised by how a simple daily meditation session affects one’s life so powerfully! If you type in Google “facts about brain and meditation”, you will get tons of research and scientific studies on meditation and how it affects your brain. But when it’s all summed into a sentence, we can freely say that meditation can transform almost every area of your life.

5 Interesting Facts About Brain and Meditation

Here are 5 scientifically proven facts of how meditation rewires your brain for success, peace, and happiness.

#1: Stress Reduction

Is the weight of the entire world on your back? Did you know that meditation effectively reduces anxiety and stress? Studies show that Zen-type and mindfulness meditation drastically lower the levels of stress if practiced regularly for 3 months. There are also studies that explain the literal density reduction of the brain’s tissue associated with worrying and anxiety. If you want to lower the amounts of stress in your life, meditation might just be the answer.

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#2: Increased Sense of Well-being

Do you think that your life should be filled with energy and happiness? Then know that mindfulness meditation boosts your psychological functioning. Furthermore, your sense of well-being improves as well. In addition, studies explain how tai chi and yoga have significant therapeutic effects as well as how they increase the quality of life.

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#3: Increased Sense of Empathy and Connection

Do you think that you’ve disconnected from your closest ones? Compassion Meditation can offer you a solution for that disconnected state of mind. The type of meditation in question is more known as Metta (Love and kindness). This meditation is compassion-based and it enhances brain areas associated with empathy and mental processing. In addition, this meditation also increases your sense of social connectedness.

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#4: Improved Focus

Do you think that you need some focus in your life? According to some studies, meditation increases your ability to perform tasks that need you to focus by improving your cognition. For example, the best focus improving meditations include Hindu Meditation, Sufi Meditation, Tibetan Buddhist Meditation, Vipassana, and Transcendental Meditation. It is up to you to discover which one replaces your cup of coffee best.

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Interesting Facts About Brain and Meditation – Fact #5 – Improved Relationship

Do you feel like your relationship needs some strengthening? Did you know that meditation allows you to relate to others better? There’s good news because by improving how you empathize and improving your ability to register the varying cues from other people’s feelings, you can relate to others in a much deeper way than before. Furthermore, meditation boosts your emotional stability, which means that you will fall under negative people’s influence lesser.

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