Feel-Better community

Feel-Better is a new and unique social network.
People like you are the core of this project.
Connecting people over the internet is nothing new. We can say as well that it is the very essence of all social networks today.
However, just connecting is not enough. People are tired of connections that lack warmth and friendliness.
There’s a need for a network based on the true human values, and with a mission to create a community of people gathered around the same idea – to create a better world for us all, a world of justice, equal opportunities, with acceptance of people of all religions, races, sexual orientation, etc.
There are not many places where you can just be yourself, meet like-minded, relax, and make real friends from all over the world.
I am about to show you a network where everyone is welcome.
Every member is equally valuable with its differences, talents, life experiences, and stories.
It is a network for all the people who want to encourage, support, and help one another.
The main goal of this new network, as its name implies, is to contribute to making people feel better by making meaningful connections.
You can be part of a community of people who want a more fair, and more open world – a world without stigma and discrimination of any kind.

Who can join?

The network is highly international, designed for people who all share the humanistic vision, who spread love, understanding, and want a better world with respect for differences and a world of tolerance, compassion, and love. Everyone is welcome!

Our mission

The original idea was to connect many people who are not feeling well, for different reasons, whether it be loneliness, lack of life joy, depression, anxiety, coping with a stressful life and existential problems, or something else.
We desired to help these people in all sorts of ways, but the best way is to make friends and enjoy conversations that will motivate and encourage them.
This is a community where people from all around the world are welcome. Our goal is to create a community where everyone shares the same vision of the better world – without racism, religious intolerance, violence, war. It all starts with small steps. Connecting with like-minded people, sharing your story, and learn from others.

Our content

The Feel Better Administrators will do its best to always prepare exciting and valuable content for you.
We are mainly focused on psychological topics and topics dealing with interpersonal relationships, as well as social questions and problems that many of you encounter.
With us, you will always find a lot of interesting and helpful articles to read.
Find the motivation that will boost your spirit, skyrocket your confidence, and help you with everything you’re experiencing in a community of people who encourage and support each other.
We will also be happy to publish content that our members send us.
Join us and start feeling better today
Thank you very much