The healing practice of self-hypnosis
Oct 28, 2019 @ 13:32

For most people hypnosis is a “dark and scary practice”. When you are hypnotized, you are completely unaware of what happens to you and that is scary, right? No one is happy with the fact that someone else has complete control of you and can make you do things you wouldn’t do. But is hypnosis really that scary? Is it really like we see it in the movies? But what if you were able to hypnotize yourself, by yourself? What if you were able to help yourself with your problems with self-hypnosis? Yes, this exists and the healing practice of self-hypnosis can do wonders for both physical and mental issues.

How to learn to use the healing practice of self-hypnosis

Like any new skill, becoming good at self-hypnosis takes time and practice. You have to be committed to your goal, and train at least 2 or 3 times each day. Soon enough, it will become a part of you. It’s all about training your mind, and the good thing is, you don’t have to have perfect conditions, there’s no medical procedure involved, and you DON’T need drugs. Here are 6 steps you need to follow:

Step #1 – Find a quiet place

healing practice of self-hypnosis

Since we live in the modern era where finding a quiet place might be difficult, this step could turn up to be harder than it sounds. However, once you’ve found your quiet, safe place without your phone, kids, pets, or anything that might distract you, you can begin. Just remember that you have to support your back by sitting in a stable chair or couch and that there’s nothing around you that you might hurt yourself with if you happen to lose balance. There’s also something reassuring in knowing that you are completely safe and that helps you relax, which is the key to self-hypnosis.

Step #2 – Take the correct position

Self-hypnosis starts with the right sitting position. Your legs should be uncrossed with your hands placed in your lap. Once you feel comfortable in this position, you should start taking deep breaths. Once you’ve managed to focus on breathing correctly, close your eyes.

Step #3 – Clear your mind from thoughts

healing practice of self-hypnosis

Take a few minutes to just focus on your breathing. Visualize your breaths as they come in and out. Clear your mind from any other thought besides breathing. Each time a thought sneaks up on you, push it out by focusing on your breaths.

Step #4 – Sink in

When you manage to become fully relaxed and there’s nothing on your mind except breathing thoughts, allow yourself to become “heavy”. You will feel how your body starts feeling heavier and heavier and it “sinks in” the chair or couch. Relax and let that feeling take over.

Step #5 – Positive Mantra

Once your body sunk in wherever you are sitting and you feel completely relaxed, add a positive mantra to your self-hypnosis process. This mantra should be something like “I am relaxed, I am calm, I am in control”. Repeat this mantra until it starts echoing in your mind and you feel relaxed and positive (it should be done for 5 minutes and use a timer in the beginning)

Step #6 – 10, 9, 8, 7…

healing practice of self-hypnosis

Once the 5-minute mantra is done (you will learn to feel when 5 minutes are up in time) you will start feeling how your body is exiting the sinking in feeling. In that moment, focus on each part of your body and visualize how you are sending positive energy to your limbs. When you feel every part of your body “energized” take 3 more deep breaths and start counting back from 10. When you reach 1, slowly open your eyes and allow that positive sensation to sink in while you sit there a few more minutes. That’s it!

The healing practice of self-hypnosis -This is not meditation

Although the process sounds very much like meditation, self-hypnosis isn’t the same. In self-hypnosis practice, your mind is engaged more actively, but in a more centered and calm way. In case you can’t find 5 minutes each day for this practice, or you can’t focus for that long, start with fewer minutes and eventually work up as you progress. You will see that after a while, that positive energy you feel while practicing self-hypnosis extends to everyday situations. You will feel more relaxed and positive on a daily basis and you will also buffer out the negative effects of stress, worry, and anxiety.

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