How to boost your charisma as an introvert?
Oct 18, 2019 @ 20:15

Most people think that being charismatic is something you were born with. Well, for some people that is true. However, charisma is actually something you can learn even if you were born without it. So, if you wanted to know how to boost your charisma as an introvert, make sure you read our guide to the end.

How to boost your charisma as an introvert? You learn about yourself that’s how

Have you ever met someone who you instantly liked and didn’t know why? Well, most likely, that person had charisma. The good news is, you can learn to be charismatic too. You just need to change your behavior a bit and presto! You are charismatic! Being charismatic is about saying and doing not about who you really are as a person. It doesn’t mean that you should pretend to be someone else. No, it just means that you have to brush up on your subconscious, work on your physical expressions and social cues, and how you treat people around you. It’s not an easy task, that we admit, but once you start working on your charisma, you will meet your true self and work on becoming a better person in general. The charisma part comes by itself.

Be present

Being confident is really important if you want to be charismatic. However, a more important thing is to be present. By present, we mean being honestly engaged when it comes to other people. It’s important to show to other people that they have your whole attention when you are listening to them. When you aren’t that confident, people might think that you are just shy, but if they don’t have your attention, you only come off as a person who is there just to show off, and not someone they can trust. So, when talking to people, make sure you really hear what they say and engage in conversation.

How to boost your charisma as an introvert? Be confident

Being confident is one of the most important milestones on your path to becoming charismatic. However, we know that as an introvert, it’s not easy to pull off the whole “I am confident” appearance. Also, you don’t want to seem too confident because that makes you look like an arrogant person. On the other hand, not being confident makes you look scared or timid. So, the key is finding a balance and feeling good in your own skin. Working on your body, dressing the way you love, and having conversations about what you understand and love talking are some of the things that build confidence.

Learn how to talk to people

how to boost your charisma as an introvert

This is probably the most important step in learning how to boost your charisma as an introvert. Charismatic people know how to start a conversation and you won’t “hear” the awkward silence when around them. If that presents a problem for you, you need to practice. Yes, it will be really hard at the start, but once you get more relaxed and your confidence builds up, you will see how rewarding it actually is. It’s all about creativity and being introvert doesn’t mean you are not creative, right? Also, starting a conversation is all about being nice, not trying to sound smart or brilliant. And, being nice to other people is a huge boost for your charisma points with others.

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