How to stop temper tantrums in 3 steps
Aug 24, 2019 @ 16:49

Having problems with your toddler’s temper tantrums? Do you want to know how to stop temper tantrums in 3 super-simple steps? Keep on reading and you will find out how to prevent your child making a scene before it gets out of hand.

Some might call this approach Positive Parenting, or “Toddler Hack”, but the fact remains, whatever you call it, it ACTUALLY does the job! And that’s what’s most important, right?


“What the heck did I get myself into?!?”

You have to admit that every time your toddler throws a tantrum in public, this is the first thing that comes to your mind. In that moment, you start feeling like this whole parenting thing is not what you expected and that you are bad at it, right? It also makes you think (at least in that moment) “Did I really want this??”. Of course, that is just the heat of the moment and once it’s over you are back to loving the parenting but it does drain the emotional energy…


The key to stopping temper tantrums?

What you need to realize is that in order to stop your little angel from turning into a screaming, floor-crawling “demon”, you need to apply the “I don’t negotiate with terrorists” tactics before the tantrum starts.

Here is how to do it.


How to stop temper tantrums in 3 steps

How to stop temper tantrums

Yes, all it takes are 3 simple steps and you will quickly, simply, and effectively stop the tantrum from happening.


Step 1 – “Get on Your knees”


Of course, we don’t mean literally getting on your knees but rather going down to your child’s level. You have to understand that it’s easy for a kid to act mad when they practically don’t see your face “high in the clouds”. However, it is much harder to keep it pushing their way when there’s a serious grownup face right in front of them.


Step 2 – “Look me in the eye child!”


After going down to their level, it’s time to make eye to eye contact. This step will throw your kid off guard and most likely distract it and break the tantrum urge. You will, therefore, have a chance to start “negotiating”. Whether you know it or not, making eye contact with your kid makes it realize that you show respect. Sure, they don’t have a clue what respect is, but they understand the feeling they get from that moment and that is – respect. The chances are much higher, that your child will listen to reason.


3. Stay Serious but Calm


Once you got your kid’s attention, it’s time to use the “serious” voice. By serious, we don’t mean raising your tone or yelling. No, quite the opposite! What you need to do is to actually lower your voice, and have a calm and serious tone. Talk firmly, steady, and slow. You have to remain calm, otherwise, the situation will become much worse, FAST. If the child senses your anger, it will become angry as well and then all hell will get loose.

And, for the end, remember that when we talk about stopping a temper tantrum, less is definitely more…

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