It is said that you miss and show more affection towards people who are away from you, but in that case, what will closeness do to it?

The spread of the Corona Virus at a global level has raised the bar of danger to its peak. People are asked to stay at home and work from there; this has shown a great impact on the contagion curve. And being trapped at home has resulted in mental distress in almost every household.

People are starting to feel copped up to perform their dear activities. According to the experts, if a couple stays inside a confined space every day along with dissimilarities, financial concerns, and other stressors can have a huge toll on their relationship.

Makeshift offices, work from home deadlines, incomplete communications, and various other factors have made the stay at home concept difficult for most couples from all over the world.

Why is this happening?

People are finding it hard to cope with all the stress and responsibilities that have come up with the pandemic. Couples and parents are experiencing difficulties in maintaining affection and warmth in their relation.

Stress, anger, anxiety, irritation, and confusion have increased to a thousand folds among couples. This is because people feel that they are trapped indoors for too long and take their anger out on their spouses. Since no one was expecting such a life-threatening situation to come up all of a sudden, they weren’t prepared for it either.

They start to think about an escape from the routines, and an unpredictable future adds on to their concern. The virus has intensified their fear and anxiety to a great extent. And as they are inside their homes 24/7, the disconnection with outdoors and loneliness increases too.

However, there are a few couples who are trying their best to use this ‘together-time’ in favor of their relationship. They consider it is a chance for them to work on their relation, communication, and emotions.

If you are facing similar issues in your relationship or married life, then check out these tips. They might help you out:

Face the Issues

This is the foremost step in resolving any conflict between you and your partner- Talk. And this does not imply having a one-sided conversation or shouting with anger. You will have to keep your calm and talk about the problems you feel and ask about their opinions as well.

The stress and anger management barriers can be easily tackled if you let each other speak and try to understand their concerns objectively. We know it’s easy to say but it is worth a shot.

We all are undergoing a difficult phase with everything going on, but the solution is not panicking and making it worse for your spouse or partner. When your partner is having a hard time struggling with everything, hear them out. Talking and expressing freely is the answer to every problem.

Avoid Stepping into Conflicts

Staying under one roof for too long has its own drawbacks. Not every conversation or moment is as sweet as you would have imagined. We get it, it very difficult to control temper at times when you are stressed or are pushed beyond your last string. During this, you or your partner may not be thinking rationally and talk it out.

The angry conversations might lead to a fight or conflict between you and your spouse. You might even think about shouting & leaving the room and getting some air, away from your angry partner. You have to do the same but without any shouting or getting angry. Rather than increasing the argument, stay composed and give your partner some space. This will give you both time to calm down and think about irrational behavior.

Don’t be a Perfectionist

If Corona Virus wasn’t one of your concerns, would you still act the same? Think about it. You can make use of this time to develop your hobbies together or separately, you could rearrange your garages and attics, or you could spend this time with your children.

In this uncertain time, your family and partner need your support. Rather than being grumpy all the time you could try recreational activities with the family. Leave your ideal self behind, and try adjusting to a few things. Make the best use of this time in creating a strong bond between you and your partner.

Stay Positive Always!

Under difficult relationship situations, try to remind yourself why you liked your partner in the first place. Being a supportive and caring friend would be the best way to show your affection. You can spend quality time if you follow this advice. Host a Sunday brunch for just you and your partner (and children). Strictly indoors and with maintained social distancing!

You can also use this time to help your partner with household chores or taking care of kids when you are free from work. The pandemic situation is a reality and it will take time to make it safer for everyone outside. Stay respectful and express your emotions or feelings freely in a calm way. Also, accept your partner’s viewpoint and criticisms. This will give out better results than getting all stressed out and angry.