Psychology Facts About Attraction
Oct 1, 2019 @ 12:26

By now, you know what attracts you to other people: eye or hair color, body language, tone of the voice? But what if we told you that it’s pretty much your subconscious that does the picking? From the deepest corners of our subconscious, here are 7 fascinating psychology facts about attraction.

Women with older fathers are usually attracted to older partners

psychology facts about attraction

The “popular” belief that girls who like older men usually have some “father issues” is not entirely true. Some studies have shown that women who have/had older fathers are more likely to feel attracted to older men. For example, they find older men with less hair and more facial creases to be attractive. Also, the case is the same when it comes to women who had younger fathers.


Sight isn’t crucial to attraction

psychology facts about attraction

Sure, sight is one of the most important “sensors” when it comes to attraction. And of course, a few chemical reactions in the brain also spice up the whole thing. However, what if we told you that smell and sound play paramount roles in the whole attraction thing as well? Did you know that our partner-choosing decision is also made based on the amount of dominance in the voice, as well as how someone smells? So, besides watching, listening and “smelling” a potential partner are crucial steps in the whole process as well.


Scents incite attraction

We just determined that smell plays a huge role in attraction. But how to know which scent attracts and which “repels” a potential partner? For women, they seem to be attracted to men’s sweat scent because of androstanol. However, too much of this pheromone and the scent acts as a “repellent”.

On the other hand, men react to perfume positively, while the scent of tears acts as a repellent.


Opposites attract each other

We are all familiar with the saying “opposites attract each other”. And, the good news is, this isn’t just a saying, it is actually true. Certain studies show that both women and men are naturally attracted to people with a different genetic blueprint (human leukocyte antigen) It is our subconsciousness that “tells” us who has the best genetic material for a healthy continuing of the species. Supposedly, it is our brain that can detect that information from the scent.


Woman’s voice naturally increases when flirting

Did you notice that the woman’s voice increases a little when she is flirting? Also, it’s interesting to know that depending on the state she is in, the height of her voice changes. For example, the highest pitch is when she is ovulating. This sends a subconscious message to the male brain and that is why men love when women start “talking cute”.


“I love you” has a better effect if whispered into the left ear

When you want to make the butterflies in your partner’s belly tickle, make sure that you whisper in the left ear. There are studies that say that voice stimulation is more potent and long-lasting if whispered into the left ear instead of right. As a matter of fact, the left ear is 6% more stimulative than the right ear.


Red is the color of attraction

Love it or hate it, the fact stands, red color is the most attractive color to both women and men. Studies have shown that when wearing red or other warm and bright colors, both sexes have a higher success rate when it comes to attracting a potential partner.

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