Self-love: How to be your own best friend?
Nov 2, 2020 @ 19:36

Me, myself and I

The old story goes: if you hold a glass of water for one minute – a piece of cake. As the clock ticks on, holding becomes harder and harder. The pandemic seems partly similar to this story. The first wave, the second wave, hope for new medicine and returning to life as it once was. Novelty, good or bad, wears off. Stress doesn’t. With so many things that are out of our hands, anxiety and depression could sneak their way into our lives. Taking care of our body and mind is the most important thing in times like this. Taking care of yourself means you can be on top of your game when others need your strength.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, how to be best for all?


Do you know who the most important person is at this moment? You are. With that in mind, make time to take care of your mind and your body. It is not easy, especially with new roles. 

Your child may need you as a teacher assistant, your parents or elderly neighbors may become dependent on you; working online could take more time than office hours. Giving extra effort may take its toll. Often, it is a luxury you can’t afford. Take a bath; grow a flower, do yoga, read a book, whatever makes your batteries charged! When you feel good, no matter what is going on around you, you will do your best.

Remember, your best. Sometimes it will be more than enough; sometimes it won’t, but knowing that you did your best will be enough to keep you going on. If you feel guilty for taking the time to stay in good shape physically and mentally, answer this simple question: Is it selfish to maintain your car to be safe properly?

Give yourself an A+.

Is self-love a tough love? It shouldn’t be. Like true love, it should be beautiful and gentle. Take a deep breath and give yourself time to adjust to new rules. New rules are not easy for anyone. Nobody was prepared for this, yet we are dealing with the pandemic in different ways. Why do you think you should give yourself a hard time? How could you be prepared for isolation, social distancing, etc.?
Set your own pace, be gentle to yourself as you would be with children, and be patient with yourself as you would be with your pet. If you need an extra hand or a friend, seek help. Give yourself an A+ for being gentle and patient, for self-love during the hard times. If you are a good student and you get an A+, it will reflect others. 

Always look on the bright side of life…

Do you want to know when this will end? We all do. But we don’t know; it’s out of our control. We can only control how we are dealing with it and what we can do about our life. Use pandemic, instead of being used by it. Make time to learn what you could do to improve the quality of your life. It is important. Focus on good things. Restore long-forgotten goals like old friendships.

Lose bad habits, make some new – good habits. An extra hour of sleep is much better than an hour in commute. Isolation is a chance to enjoy your own company. Be the best you can imagine. There are so many possibilities. Be grateful for this chance to review your life in slow motion. Make cuts, make repairs, learn new skills, and implement new rules. Be your best friend.

Yin and yang

Life doesn’t stop. We need to learn how to live with coronavirus. Learning balance is essential. Yin and yang are good teachers, don’t lose this ancient wisdom: there will always be something not so good in every good, but you can find a bit of good in something bad, too. 

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