Should you let your kid watch scary movies?
Oct 26, 2019 @ 19:11

With Halloween being right at our gates, the question “Should I let my kids watch horror movies?” pops up on most parents’ minds. In the event of your kid expressing a wish to get more familiar with a certain horror movie, or wishing to know more about this genre in general, you have to be ready to provide some answers. However, most parents don’t really know what’s the right answer to such a question. So, should you let your kid watch scary movies or should this genre remain a mystery for a few more years? The answers follow.


Should you let your kid watch scary movies? There’s way worse content out there…

If you are one of those parents that don’t pay too much attention to what their kids are watching on TV or YouTube, then a scary movie is like lemonade for their psyche because there’s way more devastating content out there than horror movies. Just take news for example. Every day there’s goring news with live footage of mass shootings, bombings, and body parts lying around.

So how can a horror movie that isn’t actually real, be worse than a made-up scary movie? At least, in scary movies, the hero usually beats the villain (scary character) and there’s always a lesson to be learned at the end. In conclusion, scary movies are not the end of the world and if your child wants to watch it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t let him. Of course, if it isn’t explicit or a slasher, but a good old healthy dose of scary, your kid will be fine. But let’s talk more about what is appropriate and what’s not.


What kind of scary movies are allowed?

Yes, we did say that it’s okay for kids to watch scary movies. However, that doesn’t mean that they can watch any horror movie they get their hands on. For example, slashers such as SAW, or similar, are definitely not something you would like your child seeing.

The main rule you have to follow is to know what your kid is about to watch and that You are okay with it. If you find a scary movie not so scary, no bloody slasher scenes, and without nude or sexual scenes, there is no real problem with your child seeing it.

In addition, it is very important, as mentioned above, that the movie has a point at the end. There has to be a good message behind the movie, for example, good guys always win over dark, evil villains or monsters. This way, scary movies won’t psychologically damage your child and there shouldn’t be any side effects such as nightmares. And, you should not let your child watch a scary movie alone but watch it all together as a family. It will be less scary for them and less affecting in general.

Why you should you let your kid watch scary movies

First of all, remember when you were a kid. When your parents specifically told you that something was off-limits, you wanted to do it even more, right? Well, the same goes for your kid as well. If you give an “order” that horror movies are off-limits, your child will want to see it even more. Kids are curious by nature and they want to understand what’s all the fuss about, in this case, horror movies. Therefore, if you ban horror movies in your house, they will definitely find a way to watch one when you are not around. Do you really want to have your kid choose a horror movie on his own? Of course, you don’t! So, as we said above, choose one that you think is appropriate and watch it as a family. Who knows, maybe Halloween will become your Horror movie marathon tradition!


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