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10 Best Depression Help Blogs
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Depression disorder is a serious medical illness. It negatively affects your feelings, thoughts, and actions. It causes loss of interest in activities you once enjoyed, but also feelings of sadness. When you “turn blue”, your life starts to be full of emotional and physical problems. That is why you need to educate, get inspired and connect with other people. By doing so you will help yourself to deal with all the things that depression brings. Because you are not alone!


We choose 10 Best Blogs That Will Help You During Your Fight With Depression. Of course, if you have your favorite blog, you can email us . We are always willing to share useful information with our readers.

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1.     Pick The Brain

This is a blog dedicated to “self-help”. The focus is on personal motivation, productivity, and self-education. Pick The Brain is run by Erin Falconer and it is all about the self-improvement – it covers anything related to this topic, even depression. There, you can find a lot of articles about dealing with depression. There are also articles dedicated to helping the people you love.


2.     Lawyers With Depression

Lawyers With Depression is a nationally award-winning depression website/blog with depression news, resources, blogs. There are also guest articles for anyone who struggles with depression, anxiety, and too much stress. The site has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and on CNN, etc. Daniel Lukasik, attorney, is also the creator of the very useful website.


3.     Postpartum Progress

This blog is perfect for moms and future moms. It really helps and gives hope for women who struggle with postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety, postpartum psychosis and depression during pregnancy. Postpartum Progress is also an award-winning site that has consistently ranked among the top blogs in both the categories of mental health and pregnancy/childbirth.

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4.     Reddit

Although Reddit has its “dark side” (racism, sexism, harassment), it also has a positive trait – it can help people to deal with mental disorders. The site has a lot of communities called subreddits, each centered on a specific topic: music, movies, sports, celebs, depression… Each one of these has its own rules, moderators, and subscribers. They are like support groups where you can find advice, personal stories or just speak with others.


5.     Patients Like Me

Patients Like Me is the world’s largest personalized health network. 650,000+ people living with 2,900 conditions have generated more than 43 million data points. All of this is an unprecedented source of real-world evidence and opportunities for continuous learning.  The catch is – patients helping patients live better every day, sharing their experiences with treatments.

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6.     Aware

This website is like a society where you can find people who are dealing with stress, depression bipolar disorder, and mood-related conditions. All people who visit this site will be supported understood and encouraged to access required therapies. There are also interesting articles about different topics that affect depression.


7.     Wing of Madness

This interesting website is all about clinical depression. They address truly an illness, not some “I’m depressed” mood. If you are looking for “a depression guide” site, this is the perfect choice for you. The main goal of Wings of Madness is to spread clear and valuable information about depression and how to deal with it.


8.     Depression Army

Depression Army is a growing and dynamic international movement. It is calling for a change in how society deals with depression. Their goal is to create an environment of mutual support, where people across the globe work together to solve the problem of depression. A place where you no longer have to hide your pain if you’re struggling with your mental health.


9.     Tame Your Brain

If you want to discover unique strategies and insights on how to cope with depression and anxiety, this site is the perfect choice for you. Tame Your Brain has great articles that will help you understand yourself – how you feel, how you act and how to make your life better. The founder of this site, Jill Gould, is a Mental Health Mentor who helps people who struggle with depression and anxiety.

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10. Depression Resource

The purpose of this blog is to help people with depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems through basic, everyday tasks and move towards the life they want to live. Content steers away from cheery inspirational messages (though there is some of that!) towards helpful, actionable advice.  So don’t hesitate to check this great blog!