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What happens with the brain on coffee alcohol and drugs
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There are numerous substances which can create chaos in the brain. Some are illegal, and some are not. Some are dangerous, and some help. But what actually happens with the brain on coffee, alcohol, and drugs

What happens to your brain on coffee alcohol and drugs

Here is what happens to your brain when you use any of these substances.


Coffee is the most used “drug”. Caffeine gives a temporary bout of good cheer and keeps your brain on standby. Coffee maybe wakes us but can make us nervous, so we should have the break between the cups of this drink.

What happens with the brain on coffee alcohol and drugs


Alcohol will also affect the balance in your head. It slows down thinking, breathing and heart rate. You feel good after drinking alcohol because it increases the level of dopamine, just like other drugs.


Marijuana is a very common drug that is always present in the news. Its active ingredient, THC, increases the level of dopamine and leads to a sense of satisfaction, and even euphoria.

Strong pain killers

Some strong pain medication can make you dependent on them. Not only that, people who abuse them have 40% more likely to go to hard drugs such as heroin because he has a similar effect on the brain.


Heroin becomes morphine when inside the brain, and that may affect the way the mind perceives pain.

Now you know what happens with the brain on coffee alcohol and drugs!

Now that you know how these substances affect your brain, keep it in mind the next time you have a craving. Remember, even though something makes you feel great, it doesn’t mean that it’s good for your health! So, instead of having a coffee, consider having, for example, chamomile or mint tea.