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FEEL BETTER – a new name for everything you need when it comes to psychotherapy
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Are you tired of wandering around the internet in search of relevant information about your interest topics? Are you looking for something that will make you feel better?

Are countless thoughts weighing you down? Are you struggling with emotions, insomnia, fears, or do you just wish to help someone going through a difficult stage in their life to find advice or a therapist?

If you have answered “yes“ to these questions, we are certain you came to the right place.

Find everything you need in a single address

Feel-better.com is a new website that was launched in December 2015. The guiding principle was to create an online platform dedicated to the field of psychotherapy and other related fields. The aim was to create a place so that people would no longer have to drift from one website to another looking for the information they needed or people to talk to about the topics of interest.

The internet is an enormous space and it’s filled with various content. But, sometimes, people don’t have the time or will to browse a plethora of websites just to find the one thing they are interested in. We are certain there is hardly a person out there who has not felt frustration as a result of looking for something very important and wasting time surfing through a number of empty contents. This is particularly true when it comes to problems one wants to solve, and so he or she loses patience and becomes desperate.


Numerous articles, written by our team members and professionals from around the world, are at your disposal. You can obtain information, find interesting data, scientific facts, research results … The pages of this website have an abundance of useful information waiting for you. Regardless of whether your goal is to learn something, to become informed, or just to enjoy reading a line or two  – our library is here for you.

However, the texts are not the only thing you can find; other content is also available, as well as video and photography selections. We want you to have an option of watching tutorials, lectures given by our members, short motivational videos. In addition, you can also find a gallery on our website to get you relaxed. Art is therapy just like any other.


Many therapists today are faced with the inability to reach people in need of their help. On the other hand, people who lack information and adequate resources cannot reach a therapist they need. This is a common occurrence. Those needing help and those providing it fail to find each other. Feel-better.com offers a space for people to connect. It offers a possibility for everyone to look for a therapist who meets their preferences and consult with him or her in their native language.

The person wishing for a consultation only has to search our member database and make an appointment. But that is not all. Feel-better offers an option of making psychotherapy available to everyone, without the need to visit the therapist’s practice, without traffic jams and waiting rooms.


Think about your health. And we will think about your time and your comfort. We wish to make it possible for you to enjoy the benefits brought by modernization.  Psychology and psychiatry are not exempted from global tendencies.

There are people who want help, who need help, but there are no therapists within their reach. There are also people who are unable to find therapists due to their condition because they have fears and feel uncomfortable leaving their homes or suffer physical illnesses. These people retreat from social life and thus they miss the chance of getting help.

Nowadays, when everybody has internet access, people also have the opportunity to make consultations and take care of themselves at the comfort of their own homes.
However, live video therapy does not exclude traditional methods. On the contrary: these two form a whole and you can combine them with your visits to a therapist.


Not only are you able to find help from therapists on our website, but also from the people going through the same problems you are. Stress, grief, depression, family issues, painful breakups – are all handled more easily when someone is there for you.

Any type of quality talk is therapeutic. We assure you that talk cures. Find the topics of your interest in the chatrooms of our website’s forum. Talk to people who share similar interests, or give someone the information they need. Or just overcome the feeling of loneliness we all get sometimes.


We want to give you all the benefits and comfort that come with consultations, to make you feel at home here. So that you can enjoy the content and the people you talk to. So that together we become the first thing people looking for counseling, therapy or information in the area of psychology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy think of.
We are here to listen to and meet your needs and wishes, to grow and develop for our members who need us. We wish to connect people from all over the world and be a place to help you feel better.
Whether you are a therapist or someone who needs help, we invite you to become our member and a part of our community. Get connected and stay just a click away from each other.

Your Feel-better Team