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How to prepare a great presentation and reduce public speaking anxiety?
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Public speaking and giving public presentations on various topics are pressing matters for many people. People are pressured to be innovative, confident, compelling, interesting and to succeed with their idea. Presentations are obligatory during school, college and later for professional purposes. This is especially important for future and potential entrepreneurs.Therefore, knowing how to prepare a great presentation is a must.

Funding your business or project is by definition a challenging matter. Most of the people who engage in various business activities and go on the entrepreneurial road, do not have enough financial funds to put their ideas into motion. The development phase of the project cycle is a time when it is possible to function without much money. This is when people define their ideas, set up goals and think about the project life cycle.

During this phase, the team calculates the costs and tries to develop a financial plan, according to the ideal conditions. Which are rarely met in reality. Usually, the core of the business is the financial plan. A well-developed financial plan can bring your project or business ideas to eponymous heights. Unfortunately, an ill-developed and underestimated financial plan can ruin the whole idea.

How to prepare a great presentation and show your business idea in the best light

How to prepare a great presentation and reduce public speaking anxiety

Of course, other parts of the business idea are not less relevant. And, an important step towards building the foundations of your business is the presentation for the investors. It is important to present the idea in a clear, concise and coherent way. When the development phase is over, the project team has the task to find financial funds. This step brings the idea into reality. To achieve this, it is crucial to know the idea, but also to know how to present it.

The process of presenting the idea to investors is called pitching. And in order to make an intriguing and compelling pitch, there are some rules and tips that should be followed. Tips and tricks regarding the pitching presentation are a crucial thing for starting a business. Landing the investment deal will be your company’s first important milestone.

Raise awareness and interest

It is your business or project idea, so you know it by heart and are completely in love with it. But do you know how to get others on board as well? By highlighting the core values, vision and missions of your future company. The investors are mostly interested in the financial plan and the actual sustainability of the idea, so highlight these parts.

You should be careful about what to highlight in the business plan. And, most importantly – explain the financial plan and calculation. Also, you should leave enough time for Q&A because the panel of investors will surely have questions and concerns. Think in advance about the weaknesses of your idea and what are the potential threats. The investors will probably notice the weak sides of your business and ask about them.

Practice your pitch

The panel of investors will want to see and hear the compelling business idea. It needs to sound like a productive and lucrative company in the long run. The goal is to present your idea in the best possible manner, but this won’t come spontaneously. Practice makes perfect and this situation is no exception. Thus, you should practice your pitch and emphasize what are the core ideas of your business. Also, highlight the important aspects and improve your prospects.

A good choice would be to organize a role-playing presentation of the idea in front of your family or friends. This way, you will experience the real atmosphere of a pitching presentation and hear feedback about it. In addition, if there is something you should prepare diligently, it is about the audience that will hear your presentation. They will approve or discard your idea, so you should inform yourself about the panel of investors. It is important to gain information about different types of investors and funding opportunities. This way, you will be aware in advance where to send applications and requests for funding.

Prepare the content carefully

You should pay attention to the content and length of your presentation. Keep the presentation interesting and highlight the important points. Prepare a Powerpoint presentation, as this will keep the course of your story in line. It will also allow the audience to keep up with the story. The number of slides should not exceed 20 and kept on the visual side, rather than text-heavy.

Highlight the crucial points by using bullets and numbers. In addition, pay special attention to the visual element and make your presentation graphically appealing. You should also prepare design elements of your company’s visual identity. This will make your business memorable and investment worthy.

How to prepare a great presentation by preparing yourself psychologically

For people who previously experienced public speaking related anxiety and stress, this will be the most important point. It is highly desirable to sound confident, secure, credible. However, if you suffer from public speaking nervousness, your 5 minutes of fame and your possibility to shine will diminish. Fortunately, certain hacks can help you and turn you into the best possible speaker version of yourself.

First of all, you should stop comparing yourself to famous speakers. The best thing you can do for yourself here is – to be yourself. This means that you should develop your public speaking skills according to your own personality traits. Also, avoid copying quirks of famous speakers just for the sake of being interesting. The audience will know that you are trying too hard and you won’t sound genuine. This is the last thing you want in the situation when you wish to land an investment deal.

Next, you should rely on improvisation when you are presenting and avoid learning the text by heart. This is an important matter for the presentation. You will enter a loop of trying to replicate the text, being nervous about your lack of memory. This will just raise the level of stress. Also, you should try to channel your anxiety and nervousness into creative energy. And remember, relax before the presentation with some personal pep talk.