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Best Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day On Your Own
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Being alone on Valentine’s Day? It sounds terrible. But let’s take a deep breath and think about it. Do you think you are the only person in the world currently without a partner? Well, you know the answer in NO. The best way to deal with your feeling of loneliness is to focus on yourself – to LOVE yourself.

If you take a walk through the city today, you will probably see that every store window is full of hearts and flowers decoration… On social media, people post pictures with their partners, gifts they received… And quotes…It is a special category. Anyway, media really can make you feel like something is missing in your life if you are not in a relationship or not in love on this special day.

Valentine’s day

How to “Survive” today

So how to deal with today’s pressure? Here are a few suggestions that will help you out.


Avoid romantic triggers

Love songs and romantic movies can wait, especially if you have a social anxiety disorder – you are actually prone to depression, so this day can easily make you feel “blue”.


Make a different kind of plans

Do some stuff unrelated to Valentine’s day. For example, you could read an interesting book, or go with your siblings or friends to the cinema, or maybe you can treat yourself with a relaxing massage. Why not? Everything that makes you happy and relaxed, is a perfect choice.


Night Out

You can always go with your friends who are also single, to a great party. In order to feel less lonely, going out with a group will help you brush up on your social skills and challenge your social fears.


Make Someone’s Day

If some of your friends or family members recently ended a relationship, a little gift today would mean a lot. Also, giving gifts will make you feel great as well. Perhaps you could buy some flowers or bake a cake. Did you know that even just spending time with someone, watching some superhero movies, makes you forget all about the St. Valentine’s day pressure… Or something as usual as going to the swimming pool will also do wonders for you. Think about it.

valentine’s day flowers

Keeping “business” as usual

You probably have your daily routine. Do whatever you would normally do today in order to make it seem like just another day of the year. Work, wash dishes, prepare lunch, go to the gym, watch television… Keep it as simple as that.


Give someone a hug


If you have some old friends or family members whom you haven’t spoken recently, give him/her a call. You never know who will welcome the chance to catch up with you, whether by the phone or grabbing a coffee together. Of course, if you decide to see each other in person, give that person a hug because we all know how hugs increase Oxytocin  – you will feel good, trust me.

valentine’s day heart

Wrapping things up


This day is dedicated to love, and that is great. But, this day also affects many people who are single – they feel miserable and left out. So for all single people – don’t buy the idea that the relationship is the only way to be happy. Love yourself, love your life, love your friends, love your time spent alone. Why? Because self-love is one of the most important things in the world, without it, it is very hard to love anyone else. So be nice to yourself and have a nice day!