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Why Quality Sleep Is Important?
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What do you know about the importance of sleep? For starters, sleep is one of the basic needs of every human being (or every living creature on Earth, as a matter of fact). It is necessary for physical and psychological well-being and essential for proper mental and biological functioning. Sleep is crucial and affects basically every physiological process in the human body. Therefore, we hear similar phrases every day, especially during childhood (and during that time, this sounds particularly annoying).

However, sometimes, it just makes us wonder, is it all really true and has anyone ever suffered severe consequences from lacking sleep? One thing is sure, sleep deprivation was a form of torture and as an interrogation technique in a not so distant past. So, if something is a punishment, then it must be pretty grave and serious, right? It sure is. Sleep really does affect every process in the human body, one way or the other.

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What happens when the importance of sleep is not your priority?

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When a human body lacks sleep, it enters a survival mode, just like with water and food deprivation. This survival mode is very harsh because it is trying to alarm you to change something as soon as possible. So, what will happen to you if you don’t sleep well? Well, some of the first things you will notice are related to your mood, motivation, and concentration. Depending on the duration of the deprivation period, these changes can prolong and deepen themselves. At first, you will feel dizzy, moody and easily irritated. Then you will go to work or try to study and you will notice a lack of motivation, inability to concentrate and decreased productivity.

Then, you will start feeling tired. And what will be your first aid remedy? Coffee of course! A lot of coffee. Unfortunately, this way you enter a never-ending cycle of sleep deprivation and tiredness because the more caffeine you consume during the day, the chances of getting enough sleep are even lower. Caffeine has a prolonged effect on the sleep cycle, so you should limit the amount you are consuming and try not to consume it a couple of hours before bedtime. Here are a few tricks that will help you sleep better and feel better.

Lack of sleep can affect your immune system

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The importance of sleep is especially highlighted when it comes to health in general. Research studies indicate that people are more likely to develop a cold or flu if they don’t get sufficient sleep. This is especially important during winter when viruses lurk everywhere. This occurs because sleep is one of the ways the body repairs itself and when it is denied that possibility – it fails even on routine tasks. As a matter of fact, sleep is probably the most important way of repairing exhausted systems.

In the long run, this can be particularly dangerous. It means that other damaged systems can’t repair themselves efficiently. In case you didn’t know, the heart muscle repairs itself overnight. Therefore, a good night’s sleep is extremely important for the health of the cardiovascular system. In addition, the results of various studies show that those who lack sleep can be at risk for developing chronic cardiovascular diseases or experiencing a heart stroke.

Can lack of sleep trigger weight gain?

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Weight gain is also one of the potential results of not sleeping enough. The human body needs energy for its proper functioning and in case one source of energy is not enough, it will result in alternative sources, in this case, food. In addition, sleep stimulates hormones that regulate your appetite. Therefore, the disruption of the sleep cycle creates a disbalance and this in some cases causes unintentional weight gain. Sleep deprivation has an impact on social and interpersonal relationships as well. You moodiness, stress and irritability will probably disrupt your work. Your social relations can also suffer and you can get into unintentional disagreements and quarrels.

The importance of sleep with children – They need a lot more sleep!

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Children and teenagers need a lot of sleep. Seriously – a lot of sleep. Therefore, for them, the importance of sleep should be one of the top priorities. Their daily activities consume a lot of energy and the growth and development processes are very intense during this time. Their bodies exhaust themselves with these daily efforts and need time to repair. Teenagers are especially in a vulnerable position. They’re not kids but they most certainly are not adults, yet. Teenagers usually want to stay up all night, while their body needs as much sleep as a 7-year-old. They want to imitate the lifestyle of grownups and their behavioral patterns.

What they really need is a quiet room, a warm glass of milk and 10 hours of sleep. If you are a parent of a teenager, you probably know that is really difficult to argue and reason with them. Try to explain the dangers of not getting enough sleep and try not to be repressive when you catch them surfing the internet at 3 am. They will try to argue about their bedtime just like about any other subject. But we all know that behind that strong, confident attitude, they are still children in disguise. At the end of the day, after a few failed chemistry tests and missed English essay deadlines, they will understand that they need a good night’s sleep. And so do you.

How to sleep better?
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Sleep is one of the things in life that are affected by internal and external factors. Internal factors include our emotional state, mood and physical condition, while external factors include the environment, noise, air quality, lighting, temperature, and others. The good thing is that we can influence both types of factors and therefore, improve our odds of getting a good night’s sleep. What are the main things we should keep in mind if we want to know how to sleep better?

The most important thing is to make the room as cozy and rest-friendly as possible, so if redecorating is a possible option for you, think about soothing, relaxing and calming colors like pastels, blue and green shades or earthy tones. Also, you can also think about lamps that have a dimming effect and whose amount of light can be adjusted according to your needs and daily schedule. You can also think about window shutters, curtains or blinds, that will allow you to control the amount of natural light that enters your room – as natural light has a significant effect on the quality of your sleep on a deeper, physiological level.

Last, but not the least, think about your bed and whether you would describe it as cozy, but also firm and comforting? The quality of your mattress will not only affect your sleep cycle and quality of your sleep, but also the health of your back and posture. If you have the environmental issues covered, we can move on to the other factors that can affect the quality of your sleep. In the next part of this article, we will show you practical ways to improve your circumstances and address common issues that you can resolve, in order to get the sleep you deserve.

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How to sleep better – 5 simple yet effective tips for learning how to sleep better

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Food and drink

Busy schedules and long working hours can lead to unbalanced diets and inadequate eating habits. However, eating heavy or processed food will not do your sleep cycle a favor. Excessive amounts of food and beverages will make it harder for you to fall asleep because heavy food is harder to digest and you will probably toss and turn for a few hours.

Instead, stick to vegetables or light dairy products like yogurt and low-fat cheese and avoid meat, eggs, and carbohydrates like white bread and pasta. Also, you should avoid sweets, because the sugar will keep you awake. If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth with a daily dose of joy, opt for fruits instead. Same goes for tea and coffee.

In case you cannot avoid these beverages, you can drink decaffeinated coffee, or chamomile tea, that is well known for its calming and relaxing effects. In addition, you shouldn’t drink too many alcoholic beverages, because once the relaxing effect fades, your body will have to cope with the side effects of alcohol – dehydration and sleep disruption.

Emotions, moods, and relaxation

The quality of your sleep is highly affected by your mood and emotional state. You probably noticed that particularly stressful periods give you a hard time to get a decent rest at night. Anxiety, stress, worrying will keep you up all night, so you should find a way to turn off the emotional switch at least for the night. Fast, busy and modern lifestyles give people too many stimuli during the day and this challenges their sleep cycle.

Since stress is pretty much unavoidable (although there are certain strategies that can help with this matter), you should resort to relaxation techniques that will assist you. Opt for breathing exercises or even a light workout session. You might feel like you are drowning in your problems and worrying about certain issues at night even more than during the day.

Likewise, you should try to convince yourself that this is not a time for solving problems and try thinking about some pleasant previous experience or about something in the future that will bring you joy (a loved one’s wedding, baby shower, vacation, holidays, weekend, shopping, night out with friends, date nights…).

What if you wake up in the middle of the night?

This situation is also very common. Sometimes you can fall asleep very quickly, but then at some point, you just spontaneously wake up and cannot fall asleep again. The advice on this one would be to get up and start doing something – reading or drinking water would be a good choice. The main point here is to avoid tossing and turning and avoid worrying because you will not get enough sleep.

If you keep yourself busy with some activity, like reading, you will not have time to worry and will be sleeping again in no time. However, you should avoid checking your phone and watching television, because this will probably overstimulate you and have a negative impact on the quality of your sleep.

Keep track of your daily habits, exercising routine and sleep-wake cycle

Your daily habits can have a high impact on your sleep cycle. One of the matters that can impact your sleep is your fitness routine. While a regular fitness routine can improve the quality of your sleep (along with other benefits), if you choose to exercise vigorously in the evening instead of in the morning, you can experience trouble sleeping.

Instead, opt for yoga or pilates in the evening and opt for running, cardio or strength training in the morning. In addition, you should keep in line the time you go to bed and the time you wake up and try to stick to it regularly. Changing your bedtime and oversleeping in the morning (even on weekends) can also cause issues and make it difficult to establish a sleeping routine, which is crucial for the quality of sleep.

The environmental factors

We already wrote advice concerning your bedroom and how to decorate it. However, there are more situational factors that you can impact in order to improve the quality of your sleep. You should try to control your exposure to light. While natural daylight is a great thing for your general health and spending time in the sun during the day can actually do wonders for your mood and emotional state – light is not your friend when you are trying to sleep.

Therefore, you should keep the blinds and curtains closed, as light disrupts your sleep cycle. Light can keep you from falling asleep and can also wake you up before you intended. In addition, you should keep the room temperature on the cooler side and minimize the noise as much as possible. Many people have a habit of checking their phone or their computer before they go to bed.

However, the blue light electronic devices emit in order to keep us awake, have a disruptive effect when you are trying to enter the sleeping mode. In case you have to check your phone before bed, adjust the light of your screen and this will minimize its impact.