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How to build a dream team in 4 steps
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You can do certain tasks swiftly by yourself, but it’s even better when you have an extra set of hands by your side. As the famous saying goes – the more, the merrier and this usually prove to be accurate. But, what are the conditions that can predict the success of this group work adventure? How to build a dream team?

The first things you should think about are yourself and your personal traits if you are the team leader. What kind of person are you and how do you behave towards other people? The first step is to determine your leadership style – your own way of directing activities, assigning tasks, developing and implementing goals and motivating employees. As a leader, you have a central role in your team, because it is your task to provide direction and guidance while motivating your team to fulfill their potentials and duties.

Your team might be a group of highly skilled and educated individuals that are the top of the pops in the business world, or they might be a recreational softball team of local middle-aged enthusiasts, or even your students’ high school basketball team – what all these groups have in common is their desire to achieve their goals. The main reason for establishing these groups is to achieve success, with effectiveness and efficiency, by motivating individuals to invest their potentials.

However, excellence is not an easy goal and there are many obstacles along the way. So, you are wondering what are the pit stops that lead to success and how to form a dream team that aces every challenge and slays every dragon? Read on.

how to build a dream team

If you want to know how to build a dream team – Get to know and understand your team

At the beginning of this article, we established the foundation for building a successful team; and you can do this by getting to know yourself and determining your leadership style. A successful leader should always be flexible and able to use different leadership styles, according to the needs of the team.

So, this is when you should focus on the individual traits of your team members and their traits as a group. What are their strengths, what are their weaknesses (additional tip – you can use the S.W.O.T. analysis as a tool to help you during this phase), are they organized and disciplined. You should also get to know them personally and understand their individual traits; how they work and complete tasks.

Also, you can organize different team building activities, so the team members get to know each other. To learn more about leadership styles and leadership in general, take a look at our other articles on this topic.

Determine team roles

Group flow is the most amazing thing that can happen to a team (besides concrete success and achieving goals). However, this is not an easy process. If you wish to achieve group flow, you should determine team roles and assign them according to the specific individual traits of your team members (see the previous step). The team roles need clear specifications and job descriptions have to be determined in advance. This is one of the key elements for avoiding confusion and role overlapping.

When the team members are comfortable and adjusted to their roles, it will be much easier for them to communicate, share their ideas, discuss and work for the common goals. The flow state is common for group sports teams and it represents a state of mind (and body) when all of the team members are synchronized and completes their tasks without any effort (or so it seems). This is a state that is possible with most teams, but requires your attention and time.

Encourage communication

Communication is the most important factor that will determine the success of your team. You should encourage your team members to communicate with each other at all times. In addition, you should create a safe and motivating environment. Such an environment will allow them to discuss their ideas and express their opinions. They will also challenge each other in a constructive manner. Also, the team members should feel free to give suggestions and to express their creativity when it comes to problem-solving.

You should always value their opinions and express your gratitude when they present their accomplishments. In addition, you should build and nurture trust and cooperation among the team members. The quality of their interpersonal relations will allow them to complete tasks and achieve goals easier.

How to build a dream team? Set goals, define rules and establish values

Goals, rules, and values shouldn’t ever be left unattended. And, they need to be communicated in a clear and concise way. As a leader, you should set goals and then organize a brainstorming session. During these sessions, you should encourage the team members to express different opinions. You should be very open about goals. Also, ask the team members individually about their own concerns, ideas and how they evaluate their own progress.

As stated in the previous step, it is your task to encourage communication and strive to keep it open and flowing. In addition, you should establish internal rules of conduct and values that you and the team members share and cherish.