To wear or not to wear a mask, that is not the question!
Nov 2, 2020 @ 19:05

The real question is why people refuse to wear facemask during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

With the new virus, pandemic, and new rules: social distancing, wearing a mask, no crazy parties, no vacations, changes were inevitable. Traveling and so many things are postponed, only life can’t be. 

We learned that virus is not going to vanish in the thin air during the last ten months, there will be no sudden change in treatments, and the vaccine is not close enough. We need to learn how to live with new circumstances. Wearing a face mask is one of the necessary steps to protect yourself and others. Never the less, a lot of people refuse to wear a facemask no matter where they are.

Doctors say this; doctors say that

Covid-19 is a new illness; it is not just like the flu or other viruses we came in touch with. First instructions from doctors maybe were misleading – a mask is not enough to stop spreading a virus. Fast, but not fast enough, opinions about wearing a mask were revised. Detailed guidelines appeared on almost every website, TV, and the commercials… when and where it is essential to wear a mask. Often confused and overwhelmed with information, people choose the previous statement and therefore refuse to wear a mask.

Who to trust?

Pandemic brings pandemic of experts of all sorts. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, yet things got out of hands quickly. Expert predictions: the virus will vanish in the sun; this vitamin is the best; wearing a mask helps but not completely; mask will decrease the level of oxygen in your blood etc. Doctors and nurses, like warriors, are fighting misinformation. Making videos while checking the level of oxygen shows that wearing a mask, even for long hours, will not reduce the level of oxygen in the body. Wearing a mask may leave visible lines on your face, lines that will disappear quickly. Your breathing will be just fine. 

Mask is not protection – It is written on the packaging.

It is written on the package, mostly for non-reusable masks. Does this mean that wearing a simple surgical mask won’t help? Well, not really. If this is the main reason you are not wearing a mask, you need to look from different perspectives. As a new virus, the incubation period can be from 5 to 15 days. Wearing a mask is a way to protect others. Coronavirus without symptoms causes many. You may not be ill, but you may have Covid-19, and by wearing a mask, you will protect others, and vice versa. 

I am healthy and fit; my body is my temple

Early jog or swim, yoga, healthy diet can do wonders for your mental and physical health. However, being healthy and fit is not invisible armor against an invisible enemy. Regular exercise routine and healthy habits are not a guarantee that you will not become ill. Think twice, and keep your healthy shine. 

Better safe than sorry

Months passed since the virus started its unfortunate journey across our beautiful planet.

During the history of pandemics, some kinds of facemask were always part of our fight against it. Thousands of doctors, governments, and leaders issued statements that masks are one way to stop or slow the spreading of the virus were not enough to convince all of us to wear a mask.

Wearing a mask is a small and simple step for you, but large in this global fight against Covid-19: Even if you are outside and making a distance is not an option – please wear a mask. If you are inside, as in public transport, public buildings etc., it is in your best interest to wear a mask. 

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