Toxic People Are Bad for Our Energy: Here’s How to Recognize Them
Mar 15, 2019 @ 10:02

Who are those toxic individuals and how to recognize them?

It often happens that people with whom we are most often in touch draw our energy and do not allow us to develop. Sometimes we even live with them.

The continuous feeling of choking, while you are in the company of a toxic person, should be a sign that your energies do not match.

However, you may or may not notice some of these characteristics in people from your environment. That’s why this article exists. It will help you recognize a toxic person in your life and act in time.

How to recognize a toxic person


  1. After encountering them, you feel like a deflated balloon. Additionally, you feel that you have to invest a lot of energy in order to make the communication tolerable.


  1. Such a person tries to scare you with some terrible stories and examples from life. Things that happened to them are always terrible and black. It will get you depressed – they “kill the will” for life.


  1. They are trying to push your buttons, by compromising your sense of guilt. Statements like “If you Love Me, You Will Do It”, “Friends Always Help Each Other”…


  1. Toxic people are very jealous. They try to manipulate your life. Making certain boundaries that you must not cross is their way to make you feel unsafe. If you cross them, it is followed by anger and hurt. Playing the victim while targeting your feelings of guilt is their strategy.


  1. They don’t accept “NO” for an answer. If you don’t play according to their rules, then you are “dying and crying”. If you don’t do them a favor, you feel like the worst person in the world. The first thought of them is mostly a negative emotion. And because you consider this person to be a close friend, you start feeling bad for having such thoughts about this person…


  1. They always play the victim. The whole world is plotting against them and they are “always the ones to be blamed.” Also, each of your positive ideas or examples is there to “sabotage them”.


  1. They don’t know how to accept a compliment. When you give compliments to toxic people,  they don’t know how to accept and compliment back. This makes you feel uncomfortable as if you don’t believe in their good intentions.


  1. They don’t respect your boundaries. Sometimes they will even urge you to stop the diet, do some things that conflict with your beliefs and to disobey your choices.


  1. They constantly talk about themselves. Always speaking about them, they rarely ask you how you feel or what you are doing. They are full of themselves and generally call you only when they need something.


  1. They can’t keep a secret – Toxic people always share your intimate stories with other people from the environment, even if they promised to keep it as a secret. The information about you will be kept in order to be able to manipulate you tomorrow and gain some benefit. The word “confidential” does not exist for them.

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What to do

The most important thing in this story is to listen to your intuition – if a person causes you to feel uncomfortable, try to remove it from your life. It’s not easy, especially when it comes to someone who is really close to you. But do not let anyone suck your positive energy because you will need it for some beautiful things and beautiful, positive people who are worth it.


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