What does your body language say about you?
Oct 15, 2019 @ 12:35

By being aware of how you present yourself can help you with improving your body language and with sending the message you want to send. But what does your body language say about you anyway? Why is body language so important and do people actually notice it? Read our article to get the answers you are looking for.


What Does Your Body Language say about you?

Thousands of years ago, people “read” other people by keeping an eye on their body language. This way, they could determine if someone was a threat or a friend without getting too close. Now, in the modern era, in most cases, our lives are not so much in danger like centuries ago, but our brain still remembers those primal instincts and assesses people by their body language.

Did you know that when you walk into a room, people there are subconsciously judging you by the way you walk and carry yourself? It’s amazing how you can make people think that you are powerful and successful, by just adapting your posture, hand gestures, and facial expressions.


Striking a Power Pose Makes You Look Confident and Successful

Did you know that the famous Rocky Balboa pose on the top of the stairs is as old as humanity itself? Even today, you can see that power pose with male gorillas who are showing their dominance.

When your arms are raised high, you present yourself as the victor, the one who triumphed. When in power pose, you carry your body in an open, expansive manner, where both your legs and arms are away from your body. You are not showing that you are vulnerable but victorious and that you “can take on anybody or anything”.

Now, when it comes to real-life situations, of course you don’t have to jump around and pound your chest like a gorilla. For an impressive, successful-looking power pose, it’s enough to have an upright, standing tole body pose to appear powerful and like someone who knows what he’s doing.


Genuine Smile Makes More Friends

In case you want to make more friends or improve your relationships in general, it’s good to know that a genuine smile makes you more cheerful and makes it easier for others to approach you and start a conversation. As a matter of fact, people who rarely smile, have problems with communication and are less appealing to new people. Needless to say, making new friends with a grumpy face is pretty much impossible.


Right Amount of Eye Contact Leaves a Long-lasting Impression

When you have the right amount of eye contact while talking to someone, you are making a good impression on them and they will remember you positively. Eye contact makes people sure you are actually listening to what they are saying.

But, definitely keep in mind that too much eye contact does the opposite and makes people feel creepy and uncomfortable as if they were questioned by the police for something bad they did. Thus, finding the golden middle is something you have to practice if you want to make a positive, long-lasting impression on people.


A Firm Handshake Impresses People

Handshake is the symbol of friendship for as long as humanity exists. In most cultures around the globe, a firm handshake is used when greeting the people you love, when meeting new people who you have nothing against, or as a sign that the mutual business agreement was successful.

So, when shaking hands, if you want to leave a favorable impression, make sure you have a firm grip but not too firm because it may be subconsciously considered as a display of dominance and a challenge. On the other hand, a weak handshake sends a message that you are weak, unreliable, and not trustworthy. Again, a golden middle is the level of firmness you want to achieve and you get there by practicing.


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