Why women are attracted to bad boy stereotypes?
Oct 18, 2019 @ 21:08

Let’s get something straight right from the start, the saying “Women love bad boys!” doesn’t mean that they necessarily LOVE them, it means that they are more attracted to them. It’s something primal, a chemical reaction in the brain, but in most cases, it doesn’t last long. It’s true that women are attracted to mysterious, wild, and “dangerous” men, but attracted in a way that they want to see how far their badness goes. On the other hand, there’s also a saying “Good guys always finish last”, implying that bad boys are interesting, but good boys are the ones that end up being the winners. But why women are attracted to bad boy stereotypes? Are all women like that? You will find the answers if you keep reading our article.

Just as men, women love the chase

The excitement that “the chase” offers is in most cases associated with men. However, the truth is, you can find many women who likely enjoy the chase. Sure, playing hard to get can be tough and challenging, but if played right by the bad boy, it can be like a real magnet for women. But why is chasing the bad boy so interesting for women? It’s simple, women love mysteries and there’s nothing like a bad boy playing that he is not interested that will get a woman more excited and eager to make him interested. Or at least make her want to find out why he isn’t purring like a kitten right away.

Why women are attracted to bad boy stereotypes? Blame the media

We really aren’t sure why, but media never promoted the bad boy look as it is nowadays. You see hot looking, “mysterious’ bad boys in perfume advertisements, music videos, movies, billboards, and pretty much anywhere you look. Now, even though the “bad boy” look isn’t always advertised as something that is good, it’s everywhere and it does get into the woman’s subconscious without her even realizing it. It’s no wonder why women are attracted to bad boy stereotypes when they can’t get them out of their sight. Of course, the same goes for men as well as “bad girls” are everywhere in the media as well.

It all starts with the “bad look”

There are studies that proved that women are more attracted to men that have an “angry” or “proud” expression, while less interested in men that smile. At first sight at least. You have to agree that this does sound irrational. But, again, it’s all about the mystery, the “why is he angry” or “why is he so damn proud?!” question pop up right away in a woman’s mind and she has to find out more about that particular “bad boy”.

Brings out the side women never knew they had

why women are attracted to bad boy stereotypes

Most bad boys have a tendency to have various adventures. Thus, being with a bad boy means she is bound to have a few adventures along the way. The truth is, even those women who are known as a “Mother Teresa” by her friends, is looking to get wild and spontaneous from time to time.

She is going to be the One that will “Change Him”!

Whether they want to admit or not, women believe that in every “bad boy” is a good boy. And, all that is waiting for the right girl to release him. The good boy will break free once the bad boy falls so much in love and forget about his bad ways. However, the truth is that bad boys change when they want to change and this fantasy almost never becomes true.


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